Split opinions on zoning amendment

Photo: Fort St. John residents pack into City Hall to voice their concerns on the small lot zoning amendment – Christine Rumleskie/Energeticcity.ca


Around 55 residents attended a heated public hearing at City Hall on Monday night.

City Council wanted the public’s opinion on a zoning amendment, which would require a minimum building width and maximum age standard for manufactured buildings in the city’s only R4-A zone.

A motion was made to have the minimum size for a manufactured home, usually a trailer, be no less than 21 feet in width. Also, it stated the trailer couldn’t exceed 10 years old from the date of permit.

The currently vacant zone runs between 85th avenue and 89th avenue, south of the Duncan Cran Elementary School (see the below map).

Many residents who own a home near the area says allowing mobile homes in the zone is bad enough, and were in favour of the restrictions. Here’s three residents who wanted the restrictions in place…

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On the other hand, some thought the restrictions were too harsh, and would make it harder to find low-income housing in the city.

Local businessman Jason Liniley says he hires people from out of town, and its getting difficult to find affordable housing for them. Here’s Liniley followed by two other residents who wanted the restrictions lifted.


After about an hour of public debate, council decided to keep the definitions of manufactured and modular homes as is. So, trailers can remain a minimum of 16 feet in width, but must be ten years or younger to be allowed in the R4-A zone.

This map shows the location of the zoning change – City of Fort St. John