Blizzards select new executive


The Blizzard Bike Club held its 26th Annual General Meeting and Elections of Officers at Northern Lights College, Wednesday night.


New executive include:

President : Patricia Emery,

Vice Presidents Adam Currie and Pat ferris,

Treasurer Dawn Gladysz,

Secretary Wim Kok,

Directors at Large: Bob Andrews, Barb Polehoykie, Gord Harris, Sandy McDonald, Ken Nix, Hilda Bilodeau, Richard Wood, Bill Lindsay and Marie Young.   All were by acclamation.

The president Patricia Emery thanked everyone who pitched in and helped make the Blizzard Bike Club the ‘Best Little Bike Club on the Planet’.   It started in 1982 with a dozen members to the present day club of 78 members and a 90 event schedule.