Dr. to speak about 'Tomatis Method'

A doctor billed as one of Canada’s finest public speakers will be making a presentation at the North Peace Cultural Centre on Saturday morning.

Dr. Lucien Larre is a neuro-phychologist, who will speak about the Tomatis Method – a medical theory linking hearing to various health conditions.


Proponents of the Tomatis Method, and Sensory Integration, claim that hearing is the root cause of a variety of ailments, and that targeting hearing disorders can help treat those ailments.

The Tomatis Method also includes the concept of the Mozart Effect, where listening to Mozart is claimed to increase an individual’s capacity for spatial-temporal tasks (or even just plain make you smarter).

Dr. Larre’s workshop begins at 9:00am, at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Admission is free.

For more info about Dr. Larre, visit his wesbite, at http://www.tomatis.com/English/Addresses/Canada/the_bosco_center.htm