Fort Nelson Trade Show this weekend

The Fort Nelson Tradeshow goes Saturday until 6 PM and Sunday 10-3 at the Fort Nelson Arena – Andrew Tylosky/

The Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce annual Trade Show is on this weekend in Fort Nelson, B.C.  This is the first time in the past three years they have been able to host the event in a full size arena since the Rec Centre roof collapse. 


Geordie McLennon, President of the Chamber said "The responses has been fantastic to this year’s event."

The event sold out with over 130 exhibitors ranging from community groups, Oil & Gas companies that are part of the Horn River Basin Group and even Fort St. John’s Motion Media and were on hand.

With the election just over a week away, Peace River North candidates Arthur Hadland, Pat Pimm, Liz Logan and Jackie Allen were at the show meeting with voters.

The Chamber is making full use of the new Secondary Ice Surface building and parking lot in Fort Nelson.  This structure with a full size ice rink and smaller "pond" rink was built shortly after the collapse of the Fort Nelson Rec Centre on April 9, 2007.

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