Local school benefits from Energy in Action program


Photo: Around 26 elementary students gather around Jim Friesen, who demonstrates how to properly plant a tree – Christine Rumleskie/

Grade 5/6 students at the Baldonnel Elementary School learned about environmental awareness on Wednesday.

In the full-day event, 26 students were treated to a short presentation by representatives of local oil and gas companies.

A few students competed in a game of dress up, where they scrambled to dress up in safety gear, as fast as they could. Later, students marched outside to plant some trees near the playground.

Manager of Energy in Action, Laura Perry, says she hopes the students learned something about stewardship during the event.

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The program is sponsored by numerous oil and gas companies. Perry says local companies always want to give back to the community.


Perry says the program is designed for students from grade four to six…

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The students also learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources, and the everyday products made from petroleum.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer was established in 2004. Since then, there have been 47 Energy in Action activities held across Canada.