Results from the Thursday night Blizzard Time Trial


Photo:  Blizzard Bob Andrews participates in Thursday’s Time Trial – Submitted



Pat Ferris and Bob Andrews battled it out for the Thursday night 16 km Baldonnel time trial and twenty two other riders. Pat Ferris won at 24:52 minutes to Bob’s 25:26. Roger St. Jean was 3rd at 26:27. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 26:55 and Les Elliott 5th at 27:24.

Gilbert Bilodeau was 6th at 28:29, Kevin Shaw 28:48, Richard Wood 29:01, Barb Polehoykie 29:10, Floyd Polehoykie 29:42 for 10th and the top ten times.

Sam Keats was 11th at 29:46, Simon Andrews 30:17, Melanie Chapple 31:47, Jolea Bilodeau 31:50, Ken Nix 31:53, Kevin Fell 33:33, Trisha Gladysz 33:48, Adam Currie 35:08, Bill Lindsay 35:52 and Hilda Bilodeau 37:52.

Rob Churchill was fastest 8 km rider at 14:14 minutes. Trevor and Derek McDonnell were second at 25:12 and Connor McDonnell third at 30:22.

A thank you to Gord ‘The Hammer’ Harris for timing!

A busy weekend for the Blizzards with a Sunday morning triathlon in Dawson Creek followed by the Snake Pit Challenge Cup road race at 2 pm.