School District 60 looking to relocate students to the Enerplex


Some students from the School District 60 may be attending school, at the Enerplex.

The School District 60 is doing a feasibility study, which is looking at relocating 250 secondary students to the Enerplex.

The district is looking for instructional office space as well as space for classrooms. Superintendent Larry Espe says the opportunity is exciting, because of work experience possibilities.

He says everything from sports medicine to ice making and water treatment opportunities would be available to students.

Espe says the students will also be close to peers at the North Peace Secondary School.

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The proposal will be submitted as part of a capital plan on May 15th to the Ministry of Education. Espe says it is unknown at this point, how much it would cost to relocate the students.

He says the whole idea of relocating students to the Enerplex isn’t a new one.


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Espe says it could take months before the District hears back from the Ministry. He says if it gets approval, the District will move forward with the next steps.

However, the city has the final decision in the process, and will determine if the relocation is beneficial to the complex.