House destroyed in major Tumbler Ridge Explosion


Photo:  This is all that’s left following an explosion Sunday morning in Tumbler Ridge – Submitted Ken Pilkington

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A major explosion occured early Sunday morning around 2 AM in Tumbler Ridge.

A house on Wolverine avenue was completely leveled by the explosion and two additional houses were seriously damaged. As many as 20 other homes suffered structural damage from the explosion.  There are unconfirmed reports that at least one person is dead.

Neighbours report that a toddler was thrown from her crib by the explosion and had to be extracted from a bedroom wall.  Thankfully the toddler only suffered a few cuts and bruises.

At this point we do not have any other information on any possible injuries.


Debris from the explosion is said to have traveled over 600 meters from the explosion site.

Officials from Tumbler Ridge have either declined comment or have not returned phone calls.  We hope to have more information Monday morning.

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If you have any additional information on this incident, please contact us by email – or call 250-263-7746.