Nuke Power Surveys rejected in Alberta Peace


Alberta’s Peace residents, opposed to nuclear power development, are knocking on every door in the Municipal District of Northern Lights, after their local councillors rejected their recent survey.

The Edmonton Journal says, the survey was mailed to citizens in the MD where Bruce Power wants to build a nuclear power plant…and it showed 88 percent of about 500 respondents are opposed to the facility being located in their area, not far from the BC border.

However, a spokesperson says local councillors didn’t accept the survey results, because of the low return rate, even though that rate was almost as high as the 28 percent turnout, of the eligible voters, who last cast ballots for the councillors.

So volunteers in the impact area have decided to knock on every door in the district, to get a more complete picture and they expect their rounds to be completed this week.

The newspaper also quotes Alberta Energy spokesman Bob McManus as saying, trying to find out what the community thinks is a “very valid” thing to do.

The provincial government completed its own nuclear issues survey, on June 1st…and even though that response rate was only about one-tenth of one percent of the province’s population, the government says it will use the feedback to help create a formal policy on nuclear power.