Some private planes grounded as Avgas supplies dwindle


Shortages in Aviation Gas have left some private planes grounded for the time-being.

As reported, shortages across the province have forced distributors to provide avgas for fire-fighting planes and emergencies only.

North Peace Airport Managing Director Todd Tripp says the airport is doing the same. He says the airport has sent out notices through the NavCanada system, alerting pilots of the shortage.

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The shortage stems from various short-term maintenance shutdowns at aviation gas refineries in eastern Canada.  Also, fire fleets have been using a large supply of the gas due to the volume of forest fires in the area.

Tripp says since the notices have been sent out on the wire, pilots are aware of the shortage. He says some have even stocked up ahead of time and continue using the airport.

However, he says if the shortage continues for too long, it could dramatically affect the local tourism economy.

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While he doesn’t foresee the issue lasting much longer, he says anything can happen.

Commercial airlines and regular carriers will not be impacted from the shortage because they use different kinds of fuel.