Study to show climate change impacting rivers


A new study shows climate change is having a significant impact on Canada’s northern waterways.

The study, the result of a research partnership between the University of Northern BC and Princeton University, will be published next month in the journal ‘Geophysics Research Letters’.

The UNBC’s website says the study will show that climate change is causing hydrological cycles to intensify, which heightens the ‘teeter totter’ effect in weather systems.

In addition to affecting water volume in northern streams and rivers, it also increases fresh water discharge into the Arctic Ocean, which can further impact climate on a global scale.  The study says it also intensifies other problems, such as drops in fish stocks, drought, and flooding, etc. which directly impacts health and industry.

The lead scientist on the study is Dr. Stephen Déry, an Environmental Science and Engineering professor, at UNBC.

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