Two Clairmont boys approached by man


The Grande Prairie RCMP is seeking the public’s help, to track down a man, who last week, allegedly tried to convince two young boys to go home with him.

The incident reportedly occurred early Wedneday evening, at about 7:30, when the ten and eleven year old boys were playing near a lake in Clairmont…the hamlet five kilometres north of Grande Prairie.

They say they noticed a man in a silver car looking at them and when he got out of his vehicle and suggested the boys come to his home they instead ran to a nearby residence.

The man is described as caucasian, with a thin build and about five-feet, seven inches tall.

He’s also said to have short black hair and, two loop earrings in one ear.

Anyone with information is asked to call the toll free Crime Stoppers number…1-800-222-84-77.