Ag and Lands Ministry says rain has helped farmers

The local airport recorded another 8.9 millimeters of rain on Wednesday, unofficially bringing the running total through the first eight days of the month, to 47.7.

That’s about 57 percent of the local norm for July, traditionally the wettest month of the year in this area, averaging 83.2 millimeters.


Simon North, a crop insurance representative with the provincial Agriculture and Lands Ministry, says the rain has benefited local farmers in the area.

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He says it’s too early to estimate how many claims will be filed this year compared to last.

Now, even though the region has now received over 80 millimeters in the past 15 days, BC Hydro’s Dave Conway says, water supply levels at the Williston Reservoir are pretty close to normal and a spill this year is still unlikely.

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Last July, the reservoir came close to its fill limit.  Even when that happens, Conway says the turbines work more efficiently when generating electricity.