BC Utilities Commission not impressed with BC Hydro


B.C. Hydro says it was shocked to receive a 200 page report from the BC Utilities Commission, which criticized the companies plan to acquire new sources of electricity.

However, the Vancouver Sun reports that the Commission did approve more than $600 million worth of proposals to upgrade B.C.’s publicly owned generating capacity, including $41 million to continue planning on the proposed Site C dam on the Peace River.

But on other points, the commissioners were not persuaded.

They said that the commission finds that Hydro’s long term plan is not in the public interest and rejects it.

The Vancouver Sun reports that in a directive that cheered opponents of private power, the commission said it "declines to endorse" Hydro’s recent call for proposals from private operators to build wind farms, run-of-the-river projects and other kinds of clean power.

It also denied Hydro’s request to spend $2 million to implement the clean-power call.

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