Blizzard Thursday night time trail results



Bob Andrews won the Thursday night Baldonnel time trial with a time of 25:03. and Pat Ferris had 25:35 for second.

Sandy McDonald lowered the 16 km Women’s Record time, again, this year to 25:44 to get third place.

Roger St. Jean was 4th at 25:53 and Gilbert Bilodeau was 5th at 26:03. Les Elliott was 6th at 26:06, Peter King 26:07, Sam Keats 27:30, Floyd Polehoykie (PB) 28:51, Ken Nix 29:01, Jolea Bilodeau 29:19, Kevin Fell 29:28 and Owen Giebelhaus 30:27.

George Gamble won the 8 km with 17:22. Tristen and Barb had 24:46 for second.

Thanks to Pat Andrews for timing!

Coming up:
-Northern Time Trial Championships, Sunday, starting at the gravel pit at Cecil Lake at 10 am for the 16 km. The 40 km team time trial is at 1 pm.