Ice surface fees increase for 2010-2011 season


The cost to use the North Peace Arena’s Ice Surface will remain the same for the 2009/2010 season.

However, rates will increase by five per cent in 2010.

The Committee of the Whole met on Monday, to discuss the Community Services Rate Policy. City Staff wanted direction on a few issues, including the City’s contribution to Ice Facilities.

Director of Community Services Sarah Cockerill says the policy was last reviewed in 2000.

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Councilors debated lowering the City’s Subsidy up to 65 per cent. That would mean a family pass that would cost 7 dollars and 50 cents now, would cost 8 dollars and 33 cents next year.

But, City Manager Dianne Hunter says there’s no point funding a facility that no one will use because the rates are too high.

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Councilors decided to decrease the City’s contribution to 70 per cent next year. So that means next September, a family pass will cost 7 dollars and 95 cents.

The rates will be reviewed again in the next budget process.