Local residents participate in Prince George Triathalon


Only three local participants made the jouney to Prince George this weekend to attend the 2009 Olympic length triathlon. The distances included a 1.5km swim, 40 km bike and 10km run. The lake was very choppy for the swim for the approximately 68 competitors in this event. The bike ride was windy but the roads were dry and temperatures in the mid teens.


The results for the Fort St. John residents were as follows:

Barb Polehoykie was 1st in the female 40-49 age group with a swim of 28:50, bike of 1:21:01 and run of 54:28 for a total time of 1:21:01. Of note this was the 6th fastest overall female time out of 31. Kathryn Fairweather had a swim of 37:12, bike of 1:24:12 and run of 57:28 for a total 2:58:53 which gave her 7th in the 30-39 age group. Gord Harris had a 37:16 swim, 1:18:05 bike and 47:53 run for 2:43:15 and 6th in the 50 plus males.