Results from the Blizzard Thursday Time Trial


Pat Ferris won a close Baldonnel 16 km time trial, Thursday, with a time of 24:51. Bob Andrews was only 16 seconds back in second place and Gilbert Bilodeau was only 3 seconds behind Bob for third. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 25:10 and Trevor McDonnell 5th at 28:00. No wind made for a fast night.


George Gamble was 6th at 28:29 (PB) Floyd Polehoykie 28:34, Jolea Bilodeau 28:36, Barb Polehoykie 28:49, Simon Andrews 29:07, Ken Nix 29:11, Owen Giebelhaus 29:25 , Kevin Fell (Sr) 29:47 (PB) Larry Joice 30:45, Melanie Chapple 31:16, Rob Churchill 33:00, Brandon Joice 34:18 and Cherie Dunn 39:37.

Thanks to Manon Joice and Dawn Gladysz for timing!

Coming up:
-Monday Ole Lake road race at 10:00 am with picnic to follow.
-Stephen Ferris is at the Tour of Bowness in Calgary and Wim Kok is in Germany for a 1400 Randonneur.