Local sport volunteers lauded


Seven of Fort St. John’s most dedicated citizens were celebrated on Wednesday night, at the Community Sports Hero Awards.

At a well-attended ceremony at the Stonebridge Hotel, the group earned praise from Sport BC, for the countless hours they’ve spent organizing, facilitating, and supporting amateur sport in the community.

Be it time spent training new officials, working the phones, or sharpening skates, the volunteers are the heartbeat of local sport, without whom the local sports systems simply would not exist.

Winning this year’s awards, were:

Gary Alexander – Hockey

Jenny Bell – Baseball / Softball

Dave Stenton – Soccer

Janet Prestley – Softball


Grant Spelsberg – Action Schools! BC

Carlyle Kreiger – Softball

Pat Pimm – Golf

A few of the volunteers were unable to attend the event, but those who did seemed to deflect the acclaim they had earned.


Grant Spelsberg, a volunteer with several organizations, was honoured to win, but says he is just one part of a big team. [asset|aid=1789|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=b6736f3d61d08b8705e4b76ed2688c0d-Spelsberg-1_1_Pub.mp3]

Likewise, Jenny Bell, says she and others work for the kids, and winning an award is just ‘icing on the cake’. “I’m just one of many” says Bell. “The man who nominated me does just as much as I do. There’s hundreds of parents working for their kids and other people’s kids every day.”

Congratulations to the seven winners.

*** At a ceremony in Fort Nelson on Tuesday night, the following four volunteers were celebrated for their hard work in that community:

• Dean Larson, Hockey
• Becky Froese, Multisport
• Stephen Carmichael, Hockey
• Jason Rowley, Hockey