Beryl Prairie Road gets $3.6 million in upgrades


The Beryl Prairie Road is getting a facelift following a $3.6 million investment.

Brocor Construction Ltd. was awarded the contract on Tuesday.

The road is located approximately 19 kilometers west of Hudson’s Hope. It will be improved through a number of measures including strengthening and sealcoating the road, completing a realignment that will soften the current curvature of the road, and by adding concrete barriers to the roadsides through Brenot Creek.

The road through Brenot Creek will also be widened and pullouts will be added at either end of the hills. Culverts throughout much of the project length will also be replaced.

Work should be completed by September, 2010. Single-lane alternating traffic with 20-minute maximum delays is expected to keep residential and industrial traffic moving.


The project is funded through the Oil and Gas Rural Road Rehabilitation Program and is a cost-share project with the Government of Canada.