Update – RCMP say Grizzly Bear on the loose in Fort St. John near Camarlo Park


Photo:  RCMP and Conservation Officers are working to find a Grizzly Bear in Camarlo Park – Adam Reaburn/

**UPDATE – As of 3:40pm the RCMP have shot the Grizzly Bear.  They are still asking the public to stay away from Camarlo Park because of all the traps that have been set.  According to Conservation Officers, the bear was approximately 3 years old and from Alberta.  Conservation Officers had been tracking the bear since it appeared in the Beatton River Valley Friday.  Click here for more details

Fort St. John RCMP are reporting that a 500 lb Grizzly Bear is on the loose near the High School in Fort St. John – Fort St. John RCMP are on the scene.

Several traps have been set in the park and so far the bear has not shown any signs of being aggressive, but the RCMP say there is still a danger to the public and their pets as the bear could become agitated and or injuries could occur from one of the traps.  The RCMP are still warning the public to stay away from the park and the city has put up blockades at all the entrances.  At this time the park is closed to the public.

Reports have been coming in for the last few days about the bearand  RCMP are now working with Conservation Officers to remove the bear from the scene.  Once they are able to trap the bear, it will be put down.

RCMP are asking the public to stay away from the area until further notice.

More to Come.


 Below is a map of the area being searched

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Photo:  A RCMP member and vehicle positioned in the bushes at Camarlo Park – Adam Reaburn/