Wiebo Ludwig writes open letter to EnCana Bomber


Convicted gas well bomber Wiebo Ludwig has written an open letter to whoever may be responsible for several bombings of an EnCana pipeline in British Columbia.

Ludwig says he decided to publicly reach out to whoever is doing the bombings to appeal for peace and try to calm the situation down.

In July, a newspaper in Dawson Creek, B.C. received a letter, warning the bombings would get worse unless the Calgary-based energy company shut down its operations in the area.

In the letter, Ludwig writes that whoever is behind the pipeline attacks has stimulated some “valuable discussion.”

But he says there is fear on the part of many people that the bomber may not be satisfied with the results of a promised three-month lull in the attacks.

In July, EnCana boosted its reward fund to $1 million for information leading to the prosecution of anyone responsible for the pipeline attacks near Tomslake, B.C.