City Building Numbers running less than 2008


2009 construction in Fort St. John, is still running at less than 30 percent of last year.

New figures from City Hall show the value of construction, through the first three quarters of this year, was just over 18,200,000 dollars. That compares to more than 63,700,000 in 2008, for the same nine month period.

The number of permits issued is also down to 191 this year from 241 last year. However, there was actually a slight increase in both the number permits issued, and construction value last month, when compared to September of 2008.

The permit total was up to 34, six more than last year and the construction value was just over 3,800,000 dollars, up slightly more than 200,000.

The 34 permits issued also result in just over $13,000 in City revenue, putting the year-to-date total through Septmeber, at 75,300.

That however, is less than half of the comparable total last year, which was close 165,000.