Flyers facing 3 week layoff


After taking a trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan to hone their ‘AAA’ skills, the Flyers are now facing a three week layoff before their next competitive game.

Last week, the Spirit River Rangers announced they would be unable to ice a team for the season, due mainly to a lack of players.  That meant not only the loss of one of the league’s most competitive teams, but also glaring holes in an already-underway NPHL schedule.

The Flyers’ first matchup against Spirit River was set for this Friday (Oct. 30) in Fort St. John, but Flyers GM Rob Larson confirmed on Tuesday the Flyers and the NPHL haven’t been able to schedule a makeup game, meaning Friday will now be a night off for the Flyers.

With the following weekend already hockey-free, that means the Flyers next game isn’t scheduled until November 14th, in Dawson Creek.

Larson says the Flyers will be adding regular season games to compensate for the absence of the Rangers.  He’s expecting the Fort St. John to host Hythe and Grande Prairie for an extra game each, and visit Dawson Creek one extra time as well.

He says he expects an updated schedule to be released in the next couple of days.