Photo: A fire fighter checks out the rooms above the boiler room on Thursday afternoon – Christine Rumleskie/

An overheated boiler caused all the smoke at the Four Seasons Hotel in Fort St. John on Thursday afternoon.

At around 5:00 p.m., local fire crews were called to the hotel on 100th Street.

Fort St. John Fire Chief Fred Burrows says the hotel runs on boiler heat. However, the hot heating line ruptured, and the boiler overheated several hundred degrees hotter than what it should have been.

Burrows says once the fire crews were able to turn the boiler off, the heating device started to cool down.

Fire fighters evacuated the main floor and the second floor above the boiler room as a precautionary measure. No other guests were evacuated.

While there was no actual fire, Burrows estimates that the hotel faces several thousands of dollars in water damage from the water line rupture.

Crews were at the scene for around one hour, until local technicians were able to look at the system and discuss the implications with the hotel owner.