New Details Released – Man shot dead by RCMP had shot out the tires of a van containing his wife and 11 children


Fort St. John RCMP have released new details in the fatal standoff that occured north of Fort St. John in Buick Creek earlier this week.

RCMP say the incident started on September 26th when the man forced a van containing his wife, his own 11 children and a family friend off the road as it was leaving the family’s residence. The man shot out the front tires of the vehicle to stop it from driving away. The group was able to drive a short distance and seek refuge in a nearby house.

The man then arrived at the house where the group was staying and demanded his family return with him. The group refused to exit and the man then shot out the remaining tires on the vehicle.

For the next several days, Fort St. John RCMP secured the area and brought in interpreters and a crisis negotiator over the next several days.

As the situation continued over the next few days, the RCMPs North District Emergency Response Team was deployed to the scene. BC Ambulance Service was also on standby at the scene.

At approximately 12:50 PM on September 30th, the man left the house and got into a vehicle armed with a rifle. The man drove towards the RCMP roadblock at a high rate of speed. At that point, RCMP shot the man as he was driving towards the exit.

After being shot, the man exited the vehicle and collapsed a short distance away. BC Ambulance attended to the man but he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.


RCMP say the man was carrying a substantial amount of ammunition in his pockets.

RCMP "E" Division Major Crimes Unit team of 12 investigators and the Fort St. John Detachment are continuing their investigation into the shooting.

Although the RCMP are conducting the investigation into the case and will be investigating if lethal force was justified, a civilian from the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP is observing the investigation.