Snowfall warnings issued for the Peace Region


Although the local airport received only five centimeters yesterday, only about half of the top end prediction, Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning on Friday morning.

Now this doesn’t rate as a major October dump, given that the daily record for the month is 34 and half centimeters set on October 4th, in 1957.

However, the government weather bureau is calling for up to 15 centimeters on Friday, and a risk of freezing rain in the evening.

Anyone with plans to travel north should be advised that there is a forecast in effect, calling for up to 20 centimeters of snow on Friday through tomorrow morning in the Fort Nelson area.

There are also snowfall warnings for Chetwynd and Dawson Creek.

Those who have travel plans anywhere in the next 24 hours, are advised to slow down and increase the amount of travelling distance, between you and any vehicle ahead of you, and allow more travel time to arrive at your destination.