Too many Huskies

Still a little over an hour away from the drop of the puck here in Grande Prairie. I am sitting at the Weyehaeuser Arena North at the Coca-Cola Center here in GP. I am sure there are some other companies that I forgot to mention. The GM ice surface or the Speedy Auto Glass Arena seats. I am watching team Red beat up on team Blue. not sure how olds these kids are, maybe 10 or 11, but there is one kid, number 20, who is too good for everyone else. I think he has 9 of the 14 goals his team has scored. he is putting on a clinic.

Anyway there was a point for this blog post. The Huskies had a full bus heading to GP today so for the first time in a long time the Pups have scratches. Who is in? Who is out? Will Wongstedt play after hurting his foot last night? How is Ty Gullickson? Find out the answers to all these questions during the pre-game show on the Moose at 7:15 Fort St John time. Listen live on

Mike Feeney