Warning issued for people who use Logging Roads

People using forest service roads to get into fishing and hunting areas in BC’s back country, are risking a serious crash with logging trucks using the same roads.

That’s the word, from the CEO of the BC Forest Safety Council Reynold Hert…. [asset|aid=1953|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=7e45529906a7a777dcf5527f42c2cfd5-Reynold Hert_1_Pub.mp3]


Mr. Hert says, Worksafe BC and the logging industry are working together, to try to make forest service roads safer.

That noted he says, if you use a logging road, you should take a radio with you, and monitor logging truck frequencies.

He also recommends, when you meet a logging truck, pull over to the side of road and stop while it passes.