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A Friday Trip to Hythe


So I haven’t been blogging much lately and I feel bad that I have left the blog burden to Jon. Hence why I decided to post a quick blog about the Flyers trip to Hythe on Friday night. With Jon and I only broadcasting a select number of Flyers road games this year I had a chance to head to Hythe more as a spectator than a broadcaster and a few things jumped out at me that I might have missed during a broadcast. First of all,we sat in three different locations throughout the game and in all three locations I overheard Flyers fans. Turns out the Flyers either have a strangely large following in Hythe or some of you made the road trip to take in the game. If so,well done. As a fan of English Football,thanks to my English dad,I love to see fans following their team around and supporting them even when they are on the road. There certainly was a sizeable Flyers cheering section in Red Deerlast season for the McKenzie Cup.


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Something I have noticed before and noticed once again is just how cold it is in that barn. And it basically is a barn. They have heaters above the player’s benches which should tell you how cold the rink gets. They are worried about the players getting too cold. The guys who are out there on the ice sweating,working their tails off,still can’t work hard enough to still be warm on the bench. The strange part is that it wasn’t even that cold outside on Friday night.


I also had a chance to get a good look at Riley Jebb after his fight with Ian Munro. Jebb was in line at the concession in his Spirit River Rangers jacket (can’t someone get the guy a Hythe jacket?) and I noticed he was bleeding from the knuckles. That is why you don’t want to be punching a guy’s helmet. Also,Riley Jebb is about 18 feet tall.


As for the game itself,the Flyers I thought played well in spurts but give some credit to Hythe because with the additions they have made,including the Lefley brothers and Yesminski in net,this Mustang team is a good one. It looked to me like these are two pretty evenly matched,or at the very least that Hythe can play with the Flyers for long stretches of the game,and it was mistakes that the Flyers capitalized on. They certainly took advantage of some poor rebound control from Yesminski for several of their goals. The only real beauty was scored by Bryce Novak on a two on one with fellow former Husky Adam Horst. Aaron Scheppers chipped in with 2 goals.


The D for the Flyers looked real good at times with Kip Noble,Donny Llyod and Andrew Derton all in the lineup to go with the Loney brothers and Arlo Hadland. Imagine how good they will be when Bryan Lewis gets back out there. And I haven’t even mentioned Mike Shipton or Luke Middleton. Middleton actually was in the lineup in Hythe playing as a forward and didn’t look too out of place. Derton,by the way,looked good. A smooth skater who is good with the puck and makes a good first pass. The Flyers should have no trouble getting out of their own zone with Lloyd,Noble and Derton moving the biscuit.


Our next look at the Flyers will be November 19thas they head to Dawson Creekto renew an age old rivalry with the Canucks. I think we are both looking forward to seeing these two teams square off once again and we are excited that will be broadcasting the game live on 100.1 Moose FM and through the website at energeticcity.ca/moosefm.

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