The 18 centimeters of snow recorded at the local airport on Friday resulted in 18 millimeters of precipitation, and that pushed the October total for this area, to 65 millimeters.

That’s more local area October precipitation, than in any year, in the past two and half decades and also more, than the total amount for any back-to-back years, in this decade.

The last year we recorded more than 65 millimeters in October, was in 1984, when the total was 68.3. Last month, also marked the second month in a row, local area precipitation exceeded the monthly norm and the total of 65 millimeters, was the same as the month of January, and this year that monthly total is second only to September’s, 75.1 millimeters.

The October total was also 39.2 millimeters, above the monthly norm, and that pushed the 2009, year-to-date total to 450 point one…which is 39.3 millimeters, in excess of the norm, for the first ten months of the calendar year.