Community events photos for October 31st and November 1st


Photo: Family’s and kids gather at the Totem Mall to take part in the Halloween Party for children ages twelve and under – Amber Davy/

Photo: Staff from Jenny’s in the Totem Mall also celebrates Halloween by dressing up – Amber Davy/

Photo: Hailey Forrester shows off her Halloween costume while trick-or-treating in the mall – Amber Davy/


Photo: Deep snow covers Kin Park as well as most of the Energetic City this weekend – Amber Day/ 

Photo: As the day in Fort St. John winds down, so does the Centennial Park, as well as the North Peace Leisure Pool – Amber Davy/

Photo: The recent snow fall and rain made some roads in Fort St. John a bit icy. Just remember to slow down and be cautious with our approaching winter – Amber Davy/