Concern grows over industrial land availability in Dawson Creek


The Vancouver Sun is reporting, Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom and Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier, are among those who share concern that Dawson Creek won’t be able to free up enough industrial land in time, to support the growing South Peace energy industry.

With most land around the city locked up in the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve, there’s speculation, an industrial land crunch, could see potential British Columbian jobs, flow to Alberta.

The Sun story claims, most gas-field service industry businesses need about 20 acres for shops, equipment and parking, for the heavy rigs that support drilling operations.

However it also claims, it takes up to two years, working through the Agricultural Land Commission, to get land excluded from the reserve for development.

The city has enough industrial land available right now, to support conventional economic growth but natural gas exploration companies have been warning for about five years, that Dawson Creek will be called upon to support a gas development boom that could last for 20 years.

Thus, there’s concern it will be faster for many Alberta-based companies to set up shops just east of Dawson Creek – in Alberta.