Energy Industry Induced Quakes


Serious questions and concerns remain about the possibility of earthquakes, induced by energy industry seismic activity.

As a result, the Calgary Herald reports, for the second time this year an Alberta University research group is about to launch a study into whether oil and gas exploration, can trigger earthquakes in normally calm crust areas.

The University of Calgary team will be following the lead, of another group from the University of Alberta and will be installing a series of monitoring devices, across the province.

Although most earthquakes in Alberta are very small in magnitude, there is a record of sizable ones, including the one northeast of Dawson Creek, in 2001.

Centered near Bonanza, in the Alberta Peace, it had a 5.4 magnitude, and was felt in the Fort St. John region and as far south as Edmonton.

Dave Eaton is the head of geoscience, at the U of C and he says, even a quake of that size, would be a concern for certain types of underground CO2 storage facilities.