Fossil finders talk Paleontology in Peace Region


Fort St. John fossil collectors will be treated to some dino-talk on Tuesday night.

Richard T. McCrea and Lisa G. Buckley will be the keynote speakers at a two-hour event called, ‘Perspectives on Paleontology in British Columbia’

McCrea and Buckley are the leaders of B.C.’s only vertebrae paleontological research program in Tumbler Ridge.

There’s three scheduled sessions that range from the beginning of the Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge, to the recent finding of the first complete dinosaur skeleton in B.C.

Participants will also get a chance to present their fossil findings to the pair.

The event is part of the ‘Pro-D event’ series, which is organized by Sci-Tech North on behalf of the Peace Region Professionals, a group that represents various designations including engineers, technologists, and archaeologists.

The session will be held at the North Peace Cultural Centre on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. There is a five dollar ‘cost-recovery’ fee at the door.