Huskies head to DC to take on Junior Canucks

M. Feeney
I have to say I am looking forward to tonight’s game. For a couple of reasons none more than the fact that it is a short bus ride. Plus the Pups haven’t seen Dawson since opening night. These two don’t like each other so it is always a good game when they get together. There were 5 or 6 fights in the preseason so you know that bad blood doesn’t go away even if the teams haven’t seen each other in a while. Plus it’s nice to get a mid-week game. And we get a great broadcast location in Dawson Creek so I have no complaints about tonight’s game. Oh and I get to leave work early.
As for the Huskies they should be looking forward to tonight’s game as well. They have three games this week and have a great chance to put some space between themselves and Peace River who are currently in third in the league. Those two teams play on Friday but more on that later. If the Huskies were to win all of the games in hand they have on Whitecourt they would be within 5 points despite the Wolverines not having lost yet this season. That would put the Huskies in decent shape to put some pressure on Whitecourt as the season moves along.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time as they say. The Dawson Creek Junior Canucks tonight should be the focus. The Junior Canucks come into tonight’s game at a very disappointing 4-9-1 on the year. DC is only staying off the bottom of the league standings thanks to the Beaverlodge Blades. But it is pretty easy to see why this team is struggling so far this season. Tyson Keen, last year’s captain, has only played 6 games. Charles Radke, last season’s top scorer, has only played 7. Colter MacLean? Just 4. So the top players don’t seem to be able to make it out this year and missing key players makes it tough to win. Not every team has the depth of Whitecourt and the Huskies.
Speaking of missing players it sounds like the Pups will be without Dylan Apsassin again tonight with no word on when he will be returning. Brennan Billey is still nursing a sore groin but Dan Pappin should be in the lineup. We will have more on lineups during the pregame show live on the Moose.
This game should come down to two things. Can Dawson Creek show up with a pretty full roster? If they can they have a shot on home ice. The other key to watch, as it usually is in this league, is goaltending. Both Huskies goalies, Muir and Gullickson, played very well in their last start so the competition for the number 1 job seems to be making both guys better. That is good for the Huskies and whichever tender gets the start tonight needs to be good. Dawson doesn’t score much so if the Huskies can shut the door early and jump on DC it will be hard for the Nucks to come back. The Junior Canucks goaltending is the other half of the equation. Tyson York has more starts, Cody Garnett has better numbers. Dawson might need their guy to play lights out to stop the Huskies offense. If they can it should be a good game. If they can’t? Might be a blow out.