Local Salvation Army recruiting kettle workers


The Salvation Army is looking for residents who know how to ring a bell and talk to strangers.

On Saturday, the annual kettle drive kicks off in Fort St. John, and the Salvation Army needs to fill some volunteer positions.

Organizer Lindsay Jardine says without the volunteers, this vital campaign would crumble.

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She says but first, the volunteers have to be recruited, and the campaign needs a bunch.

Kettle workers are asked to work two-hour shifts. The campaign runs 9 1/2 hours a day, five days a week. Seven kettles will be placed around town at locations like the Totem Mall and the BC Liquor Store. So, if each volunteer were to help out for just two hours, one day a week, the kettle drive would need 166 volunteers per week to operate.

Jardine says she’s confident there are people around town that could fill the job requirements.

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Organizers hope to raise $200,000 in this year’s kettle drive. The campaign runs until after Christmas. If anyone is interested in volunteering for the drive, contact Lindsay Jardine at 250-263-1349.