More Fireballs Spotted

If there were little green men, visiting the Hudson’s Hope area, in the early morning hours of November 20th, chances are they were in Alberta at the end of last week.

Following the flash and bang reports in the sky over Beryl Prairie west of Hudson’s Hope, comes word, of more fireball sightings in the Edmonton area.


The first were reported to the east and northeast, of the Alberta capital, early last Thursday.   A second set of reports was then received, early Friday, but these involved sitings to the west of the city.

A spokesman for the Telus World of Science says more records are needed, before an analysis can be conducted to determine what was involved.

However, if they are little green men in space ships, they either get around in hurry, or there are a number of them now visiting our planet, because there have been other sitings in the past week, in Utah and South Africa.