NDP leader Carole James visits the Peace *Update


BC’s Opposition leader opened a two day visit to the Peace Region yesterday, meeting with civic leaders in Fort St. John.

Carole James says, she was brought up to speed on local issues and successes…and among other things, there was a discussion on the need for more affordable housing.

The NDP leader says, its essential to address the affordable housing concerns of local area businesses, unable to attract new employees to the region, because of the high cost of living…

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The Opposition leader took part in Louis Riel celebrations on Monday morning, in Dawson Creek…and, will be a featured speaker this afternoon, at the cities Northern Lights College Campus.

* Meanwhile,  James has suggested The Canadian Federation of Independent Buisness is targeting the wrong government, when it comes to overspending by municipalities.

The opposition leader said  the problem is not a case of civic government spending insensibility…but rather, a case of the provincial government downloading costs to the municipal level.

"Well I certainly propose that it would be a great infrastructure project for both the Federal and Provincial governments to put money into affordable housing. It would create jobs in communities as you increase construction, and it would be a legacy for those communities when it comes to infrastructure projects. As we know, the economy hopefully will turn around, but it’s going to be slow growth and right now it’s jobless growth. So, I think that governments coming together to look at building affordable housing will be a great infrastructure project." James said.


The federation has recently claimed only 24 small municipalities in BC have been able to restrain spending on operations…meaning 129 have not.

Thus, it has called for a provincially appointed auditor-general, to watch over municipal spending…and, provincial legislation, imposing limits on local government spending and tax increases.