Toad River gets Power

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality announced Monday, that the community of Toad River has completed a successful electrification project.

With the project completed, the 30 residents of Toad River, 188km West of Fort Nelson, will now be connected to a reliable power source with a new central power station provided by BC Hydro.


Chief Administrative Officer of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality says this has been a long time coming, "In the 1960’s I used to spend parts of my summer holidays with my Aunt Winnie and Uncle Lash Callison at Mile 419 and we visited with my cousins Janice and Gloria at Mile 422. I have always remembered the batteries & generators and the talk about how good it would be to have a central power station servicing the Toad River area."

Mayor Bill Streeper advises, "We are glad to see that so many of you are already able to rely on the power and that you don’t have to go through another winter fighting with your own generators or not having the security of 24 x 7 electricity."

Residents of the community are reminded to watch their mail boxes and e-mail inboxes for invites to a special celebration on November 21st.