Back Country Avalanche Concern


If and when warmer weather returns, the avalanche danger in the Rockies is expected to go up significantly and that could be a problem for Yule Tide season vacationers, who flock to the mountains.

The Calgary Sun is quoting Greg Johnson a forecaster with the Canadian Avalanche Centre in Revelstoke, as saying “The very cold air mass has weakened the snow pack".

In addition he says, when the temperatures rises we likely see snow and wind storms and significant rise in the avalanche danger.

Officials are hoping this season is safer than last year, when 26 people were killed in snow slides across Canada, making it one of the deadliest on record.

Most of the fatal accidents happened in southeast B.C, including one slide that killed eight men from Sparwood, leaving the small town devastated.

Thus, the Centre is putting added emphasis, on the need for back country enthusiasts to take simple precautions, that could save their lives.

Along with taking an avalanche awareness course, Mr. Johnson is recommending they carry a shovel, transponder and a probe.