DC Man sentenced to 5 years in jail

A Dawson Creek man who downplayed his marijuana grow-op as “Ma and Pa amateur night…” won’t be serving a beginner’s sentence for his crime.

A provincial court judge in Dawson Creek, imposed a five-and-a-half-year prison term, after 33-year-old Dennis Ewonchuk pleaded guilty to various offences, including possession for the purpose of trafficking.


The judge rejected his claim, that his drug operation was small-time and his seized weapons, were solely for hunting purposes.

When Ewonchuk was arrested in March, a raid of his home netted almost two kilos of cocaine, nearly $43,000 in cash, a machine gun and body armour.

His accomplice, 22 year old Leah Underwood was sentenced only to time served, after spending eight months in custody.