Denny Morrison places second in 5k

Photo:  Denny Morrison races in the 500m event Sunday at the Long Track Team Selection/Canadian Single Distance Championships in Calgary –

Denny Morrison reached the podium in an unlikely event on Monday. 

The Fort St. John product finished second in the 5,000 metres, at the Long Track Team Selection / Canadian Single Distance Championships in Calgary.  Morrison finished with a time of 6:25.40, just 17 100ths behind race winner Lucas Makowsky.  Denny’s brother Jay Morrison came in 9th with a time of 6:40.29.

The second place finish qualifies Denny Morrison for the 5k event, at the Vancouver Olympics, though Speed-skating Canada will make the official announcement on who skates what in January.  Morrison was already expecting to skate the 1,000 metre, 1,500 metre, and team pursuit events in February. 

Fort St John’s Elyce Henry also raced over the weekend and finished in 20th spot in the Women’s 500 metre event.  Elyce will race on Tuesday in the 1,000 metre event.