Dokie Ridge Wind Project moves ahead

Latest reports indicate that GE Energy Financial Services and Pluntonic Power Corporation, have now formed a partnership through which they will build and operate the Dokie Ridge Wind Project.

As reported earlier the project, is still slated to be the largest wind farm in British Columbia and the initial reports said when fully completed, it could be 300 megawatts in size and provide enough power for 34,000 homes.


The original developer, EarthFirst Canada, experienced financial problems last year and obtained court-ordered protection from its creditors.

It has since been selling assets, under supervision of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. After some purchase hesitancy earlier this year, GE and Plutonic, have now moved ahead with the purchase of the project, which already has the necessary construction and environmental permits.

This is the first wind energy investment in Canada by GE and Plutonic but the two companies are also developing the largest run-of-river hydroelectric unit in BC and they’re proposing to build two others.