Fort St. John RCMP warn about charity scams


Fort St. John RCMP warn against local charity scams.

On December 4, 2009, Fort St John RCMP received a report of an individual calling a local business and asking for charitable donations. The caller did not leave a name in–regards to who was requesting the donation and the telephone number left does not appear to have been correct.

In this incident there was no apparent crime committed and may have been a simple a miscommunication.

During the holiday season there can be a higher than normal request for charitable donations. The Fort St John RCMP would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to be aware of persons posing as a representative from a cause or charity.

Please ensure your donations are going towards a reputable, known charity or cause. Persons with a valid donation request will provide you with a valid contact name, supporting telephone number or return business address and tax return.

Fort St John RCMP remind anyone with information on a crime to contact them at 250 787 8140.