Gingerbread house winners announced *update


Photo: One gingerbread house entrant made "Quatchi" (one of the Olympic mascots) from scratch – submitted.

The fourth annual Gingerbread house competition was a huge success.

When Moose FM first reported on the competition, only eight entries were received. Over the course of two days, dozens more creations were received.

More than 70 entries were evaluated by a panel of judges at the Visitor Information Centre.

Below is a list of winners in each category.

Child nine years and under category:

1st place – Carter, Diadra, Trin and Jerzi Westgate
2nd place – Owen Barrow
3rd place – Devon Beebe

Children ten years and over category:
1st place – Patrick and Andre Charest
2rd place – Megan and Conor Kindrat
3rd place – Austin Duncan


Adult category:
1st place – Cathy and Ross Wilkinson
2nd place – Brianne Logeman and Tennine Penner
3rd place – Trudi Klassen

Group category:
1st place – Diana Hofmann, Mike, Thomas and Emma Taylor
2nd place – Charlee Morgan, Mike Sinnott, Camilla Mingay, Jodi Howard and Heather Skelton
3rd place – Jennie Andrew and Ethan Middleton.
3rd place TIE – Erica Hannah, Jessica Trahan, Jordan Coop

Additional winners:

Best Traditional House – Adult Category    – Mel Whitford
Favourite Snowmen      – Adult Category   – Agnes Aikins
Best Reindeer Scene    – Group Category   – Jenny & Joy Gurther
Best Lit House             – Group Category   – Luisa & Elli
Favourite Town            – Child 10 & Over  – Hunter Braun & Brandon Modde
Favourite Mascot          – Child 10 & Over  – Christopher & Kelly
Best Roof                      – Child 9 & under   – Maddie G. & Taylor S.
Best Detail                     – Child 9 & under   – Robert Studer


Entries will be on display until December 17th at the Visitor Information Centre.

Photo: This is just one of the many gingerbread houses that are on display at the Visitor Information Centre – Submitted.