Hospital Foundation wraps up Christmas Campaign

Photo:  The Hospital’s Christmas Tree all lit up after the wrap up to the Be an Angel Fundraiser – Adam Reaburn/


The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation officially wrapped up its annual fundraising campaign Tuesday evening.

Hospital Foundation Executive Director Janice Isberg, proudly announced they had raised just over $175,000 for the Foundation throughout the month of November.  The goal was to raise $200,000, but like every year, the foundation will still receive donations over the next month, which should help them to reach their goal.

This year the money will go to equip the Visiting Specialists Clinic, which sees over 5,100 patients a year and helps to bring visiting specialists into Fort St. John.

You can still make a donation to the Foundation by visiting them in the lobby of the Hospital, calling 250-262-5299 or online at