Inukshuk of pucks debated at City Hall


Photo: Chris Brandmann wants to construct an Inukshuk – made entirely out of hockey pucks – in the city’s rec centre- submitted.

A Fort St. John man presented an unusual request to City Council on Monday afternoon.

Long time resident Chris Brandmann is proposing to construct a six-foot tall Inukshuk in the city’s rec centre.

And he wants to build the iconic arctic structure completely out of hockey pucks.

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Brandmann said the Inukshuk would be free-standing.

That idea wasn’t too popular with city councilors, who were concerned about the liability issue of the pucks collapsing.

Councilor Lori Ackerman proposed Brandmann consider gluing the pucks together. But Brandmann said if the structure was free-standing, it could be considered for the Guinness Book of World records.


The Inukshuk would require 5,000 pucks in total and take around one week to construct.

Councilors commended Brandmann on his creativity, but delayed their decision making until the first council meeting of 2010.

City Staff will investigate liability issues, and alternative methods to barricade the free-standing structure.