Power won't be restored in Tumbler Ridge until this afternoon

Tumbler Ridge residents are still without power after the lights went out at around 5am this morning.

In the latest update from BC Hydro they are now trying to have power back on by mid afternoon Monday. Two circuit breakers in the Tumbler Ridge Substation are not working properly with the cold weather. The temperature is still around minus 40.


The District has set up an emergency operations centre in the community for residents who need a warm place to stay. The centre is located at the Tumbler Ridge Town Hall.

Only a small number of people have used the town hall at this point because the majority of the town is prepared for outages like these with generators and gas heat.

According to Tumbler Ridge Councilor Jerrilyn Schembri, the community is also working on a plan to provide other forms of power like wind or bio mass energy.