Unemployment rate drops in Northeast

BC Stats, has broken down the November jobless numbers on a regional basis.

Once again the Northeast has the lowest rate of 5.8 percent, 2.5 percent below the provincial average.


However, that is more than two percent higher than this time last year, when the Northeast Region registered a December jobless rate of only 3.6 percent.  The number is still a huge drop from October of this year when the unemployment rate was 7.2 percent

The highest regional rate in the province last month was 12 percent in the Cariboo.   Meantime, the Central-1 Credit Union now confirms, B-C’s economy did grow during the third quarter after more than a year in recession.

It says the “Coincident Economic Index” rose, six per cent, in the third quarter, compared to the second. The index measures manufacturing and retail sales, as well as goods imported and exported, and hours worked.